The Team



Naveed Janjua, MBBS, MSc, DrPH – Principal Investigator

Naveed is an epidemiologist with a medical background. Currently he is a senior scientist with hepatitis services in clinical prevention services at the BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) and Clinical Associate Professor at the School of Population and Public Health, University of British Columbia. At BCCDC, his work involves surveillance, research and policy advice related to hepatitis B and C.  His research interests include hepatitis B and C epidemiology, disparities in treatment access/engagement and disease outcomes. His global health research includes unsafe medical injections and transmission of blood borne pathogens, and socio-economic disparities in health and nutritional transition in developing countries.

He is also interested in the development of linguistically and culturally appropriate information on the self-management of hepatitis C for people at risk or affected by it.



Gail 2011 Photo

Gail Butt PhD, RN – Past Principal Investigator

Gail is Clinical Assistant Professor in the Nursing Faculty at the University of British Columbia (since 1999) and was Associate Director of Hepatitis Services (2000- 2014) at the BC Centre for Disease Control.

Gail has experience in the development of: a) research on best-practices for hepatitis C prevention, care and self-management, b) interdisciplinary viral hepatitis training, education and mentorship programs, and c) nurse-led models of integrated hepatitis prevention and care that target vulnerable populations in rural areas throughout BC. Her work emphasizes that the burden of chronic hepatitis C is comprised of the complex interplay of coexisting chronic illnesses, psychological stress, socio-behavioural and contextual factors, access to education and resources, social stigma and perceptions of health and illness. Her research interests include chronic illness, and a stigma, advocacy, and health systems integration.


Terri Buller-Taylor, PhD – Research Manager

Terri has a research background in psychology, health promotion and education. Before joining the BCCDC team, she worked as a research consultant on medical education research projects including: research pertaining to medical undergraduate performance indicators; and medical school graduates’ preparedness for residency. She also consulted on health-related research projects including those related to: hepatitis C prevention; school-based health promotion; and strategies to impact determinants of health.

Terri is currently research manager of Hepatitis Education Canada, housed at the BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC). Her work focuses on knowledge translation and the development of accessible, simple, and culturally sensitive educational materials. A key component of this is work is the involvement of providers and those affected by hepatitis C in the cooperative development of these educational materials.


Liza McGuinness, MA – Project Manager

Since receiving an MA in Anthropology from the University of Victoria, Liza has managed qualitative research projects on chronic illnesses including HIV/AIDS, cancer, diabetes, and hepatitis C. Liza currently manages multiple UBC projects through the Hepatitis Services Division at the BC Centre for Disease Control including Hepatitis Education Canada.