Hepatitis C Resources Adapted for Inuit Audiences

Pamphlet fan - wood background

Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada

Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada has adapted some of our hepatitis C resources for Inuit people.

To see selected English versions of these resources, click tabs above the photo.

To see these and more resources in several Inuit languages see http://pauktuutit.ca/hepatitiscawareness/publications-listing.

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FAQ - Inuit - with background

Frequently Asked Questions about Hepatitis C

This booklet answers questions most often asked by people living with hepatitis C.

Click to view or download.

Tests used - Inuit - with background

Tests Used to Diagnose Hepatitis C

This two-sided page explains the two types of tests used to chick if someone has hepatitis C. Click to view or download.

Related Resources

Provider Page: Pre-post Checklist
Pre-Post checklist - Inuit - English

This provider page can be used before and after the HCV antibody and PCR tests.

Getting ready guide - Inuit - with background

Getting Ready for Hepatitis C Treatment

New treatments mean:

  • fewer side-effects
  • shorter treatment, and
  • cure rates of about 95% for those who complete treatment.

Speak with your provider to get more information. This booklet is still available, but pages about hard side-effects may no longer be relevant.

If you have to travel or have other challenging life circumstances, some pages can be a good place to keep track of questions and other information about treatment. Click to view or download.

Related Resources

Patient Page: Personal Bill of Rights
Bill of rights - Inuit - English

This personal bill of rights may help to speak up for the care you need.