Featured Partner Publications/Presentations

British Columbia Hepatitis C Testers Cohort (BC-HTC)

Hepatitis C virus reinfection after successful treatment with direct-acting antiviral therapy in a large population-based cohort
2018 | Journal of Hepatology | Abstract
Rossi C., Butt ZA., Wong S., Buxton J., Islam N., Yu A., Darvishian M., Gilbert M., Wong J., Chapinal N., Binka M., Alvarez M., Tyndall MW., Krajden M., Janjua NZ.; BC Hepatitis Testers Cohort Team.

Prevention and care cascade for hepatitis C among people who inject drugs in British Columbia, Canada
2018 | Oral Presentation at the Global Hepatitis Summit, June 14-17, 2018: Toronto, Canada  Abstract
Janjua, N.Z., Chapinal, N., Yu, A., Wong, S., Butt, Z.A., Rossi, C., Samji, H., Buller-Taylor, T., Alvarez, M., Darvishian, M. & Krajden, M.

Population-level cascade of care for hepatitis C in British Columbia: differences over time by gender and birth cohort
2018 | Oral presentation at the 7th Canadian Symposium on Hepatitis C Virus, Feb 9, 2018: Toronto, Canada.  Abstract page 30
Chapinal, N., Alvarez, M., Yu, Amanda, Wong, S., Buller-Taylor, T., Butt, Z., Darvishian, M., Rossi, C., Wong, J. Tyndall, M., Krajden, M., Gilbert, M., Janjua, N.

Hepatitis Education Canada Publications

Reducing patient and provider knowledge gaps: An evaluation of a community informed hepatitis C online course
2018 | Patient Education and Counseling | Abstract
Buller-Taylor, T., McGuinness, L., Yan, M., & Janjua, N.Z.

Education and resources for people affected by hepatitis C
2015 |  BC Medical Journal | Full text
Janjua, N.Z., McGuinness, L., Buller-Taylor, T., Krajden, M.

Reasons for Nonattendance across the Hepatitis C Disease Course
2013 | ISRN Nursing | Full-text
Butt, G., McGuinness, L., Buller-Taylor, T., and Mitchell, S.

Living with the stigma of hepatitis C
2008 | Western Journal of Nursing Research | Abstract
Butt, G., Paterson, B. L., & McGuinness, L. K.

Stigma in the context of hepatitis C
2008 | Journal of Advanced Nursing | Abstract
Butt, G.

Hepatitis Education Canada Poster Presentations

Collaborating to create culturally sensitive, non-stigmatizing HCV resources
2019 | Quality Forum, Vancouver, British Columbia [Quick view] [PDF]
Buller-Taylor, T., McGuinness, L., Binka, M., Gin, S., & Janjua, N.Z. 

A high demand for hepatitis C education among healthcare providers in British Columbia
2018 | The 27th Annual Canadian Conference on HIV/AIDS Research, Toronto, Ontario [Quick view] [PDF]
Buller-Taylor, T., McGuinness, L., Gin, S.,  Prescott, C. & Janjua, N.Z. 

Hepatitis C: The Basics – Community informed education for hepatitis C care engagement
2018 | Quality Forum, Vancouver, British Columbia [Quick view]  [PDF]
Buller-Taylor, T., McGuinness, L., Janjua, N.Z. 

Hepatitis C: The Basics – An online course to address patient and provider knowledge gaps
2017 | 6th Canadian Symposium on Hepatitis C  [Quick view] [PDF]
Buller-Taylor, T., McGuinness, L., Janjua, N.Z. 


Hepatitis Education Canada Reports

Factors Affecting Attendance for Hepatitis C Care: Report of stage one of the attendance for hepatitis C care project.
2012 | Report Available online
Butt, G., McGuinness, L., Mitchell, S., and Peltonen, A. 

Facteurs influant sur la non-participation aux soins des personnes atteintes d’hépatite C: Rapport sur la phase un du projet sur la non-participation aux soins des personnes atteintes d’hépatite C
2012 | Report  Available online
Butt, G., McGuinness, L., Mitchell, S., and Peltonen, A.