Aboriginal (First Nations, Inuit, Métis)

Interactive E-learning Module

Hepatitis C: The Basics

Hepatitis C: The basics is a free, 30-60 minute, non-credit, online course developed with our First Nations, Métis, and Inuit partners. It includes:

HepC the Basics

  • basic information about hepatitis C, how it is spread, how to get tested
  • the steps involved to get treatment
  • 8 mini-videos on how to prepare for treatment
  • a side menu for easy navigation to the part of the course you want to see
  • pre-post knowledge check quizzes
  • a certificate when the course is complete


This course contains basic information designed to help people manage their self-care, whether they are at risk for hepatitis C, newly infected, or have lived with hepatitis C for many years.

We have also heard from health care providers that Hepatitis C: The Basics provides a good basic introduction and overview for providers new to the field of hepatitis C.

To access Hepatitis C: The Basics:

1. Click here, then when the new window opens,


The “Register for credits” allows you to move through the course. Upon completion of the course, you will receive a certificate, but not official educational credits.


(For more videos, see English or French resource pages)


Resources - Bordered - English- Treatment Resources - Bordered - English- Cirrhosis Resources - Bordered - English- Genotype
Ever had hepatitis C treatment? What is cirrhosis? What is a hepatitis C genotype?
(22 second video) (1 min 30 second video) (40 second video)


Print Resources

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Bordered - Aboriginal FAQ Bordered - Aboriginal - Tests used Bordered - Aboriginal - Questions Bordered - Aboriginal - Getting ready

Frequently asked questions about hepatitis C

Tests used for diagnosing hepatitis C

Questions people
frequently ask their

 A guide for getting ready for hepatitis C treatment

(for Rx with interferon, some steps helpful)


Bordered - Aboriginal- Using your voice Bordered - Aboriginal - Pre-post Bordered - Aboriginal-Bill of rights Generic - Tips getting message heard

Using your voice

Pre- and post-virus test

Personal bill of rights

 Tips for getting your message heard


 Hepatitis C The Basics (Indigenous) poster 2016
Hepatitis C: The Basics Poster