Hepatitis C Updates

  • February 2015: CASL has released new recommendations for the management of chronic HCV management. See January/February 2015 volume of the Canadian Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology.



Treatment and Learning Resources Developed by Other Organizations

Hepatitis C Online Course

Washington HCV Courses
University of Washington: Case-based modules for medical providers
Topics include clinical diagnosis, management, treatment and prevention.




Hepatitis C Medications

Washington HCV MedicationsUniversity of Washington: HCV Medications approved by the FDA (U.S.)
Provides information about FDA approved HCV medication. Information is categorized as follows: drug summaries, clinical trials, references, and slide decks.




Viral Hepatitis Modules

University of AlabamaUniversity of Alabama: Online learning modules – viral hepatitis
Module topics include:understanding viral hepatitis, pathophysiology of acute and chronic hepatitis, epidemiology, prevention, risk assessment, diagnosis and management.





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