Session 1

Links to presenters’ slides are below each title

  • Situating prevention, care, and treatment programming: Updates from the BC Hepatitis Testers Cohort
     Presentation slides* | Dr. Naveed Janjua (Senior Scientist, BCCDC/UBC, Vancouver); *Due to equipment malfunction, slides for this presentation are not advancing in the video. Presentation slides can be downloaded to view during Dr. Janjua’s presentation.


  • Micro-elimination of HCV and enhanced OUD care within BC Corrections: A two-pronged approach to improving care under PHSA Correctional Health Service
    Presentation slides | Adam Beaumont (PHSA/Vancouver Island Regional Correctional Centre, Victoria)


  • Eliminate C in OAT: A Micro-elimination Initiative
    Presentation slides | Dr. Edward Tam (LAIR Centre, Vancouver)


  • Treating People Where They Are: Micro-elimination in Practice
    Presentation slides | Anne Drost (Victoria Cool Aid Society, Victoria)|


  • Implementation of reflex HCV RNA testing at the BCCDC Public Health Laboratory
    Presentation slides | Agatha Jassem (Program Head, BCCDC Public Health Laboratory)|


  • Session 1 Q&A


Session 2

Links to presenters’ slides are below each title

  • Hepatitis C & HIV Intervention Project Overview (South Asian population)
    Presentation slides | Mohammad Hayat (Progressive Intercultural Community Services, Vancouver)|


  • HCV screening and linkage with care among women
    Presentation slides | Dr. Neora Pick (BC Women’s Hospital/Oak Tree Clinic, Vancouver) |


  • Stories: People with lived experience from pre- and post-new treatment (DAAs) era
    (No slides) | Randy and Raymond


  • Improved Linkage to Care by Targeting HCV RNA(+) Persons in the BC-HCV Network
    Presentation Slides | Dr. Alnoor Ramji (UBC/Providence Health Care, Vancouver) |


  • Session 2 Q&A